Black•ish Explores Giving Back



Dre is chosen to lead Stevens and Lido's new charity campaign, which helps people give back to their community. When Bow advises Dre that there is more to giving back than cutting checks, he decides to donate some of his clothes to a man in need. 

So, in the show Dre gave in his own hast, But how pure does giving have to be? If there's anything in it for you — like a tax break or your name on a building — does that automatically diminish the gift?

"That's a deep issue that philosophers have debated for thousands of years," says University of Massachusetts philosophy professor Lawrence Blum, a specialist in the notion of altruism. In the purest sense, he says, motive does matter. Doing the right

thing for the wrong reason is not really charity. "If it results in something positive, that's great," he says. "But that's just a different question from whether the person who is doing the giving is doing something that you admire or not."

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