I Am A Boy of Color



This children's picture book is a tribute to the beauty and power that boys of color possess. It is a positive visual image of boys of color to counter the ones that now consume our mainstream media. The children depicted in the book represent all different ethnic backgrounds, engaging in the joy of childhood. It is a more accurate reflection of what we see in our homes and communities - amazing boys of color that will become phenomenal men. 

Through these of empowering words and beautiful illustrations, children are guided through a practice of self-affirmation. With a focus on boys of different ethnic backgrounds, the book highlights how all boys of color have intrinsic value. 

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the author

Deanna Singh is committed to a personal and professional pursuit of social justice. This book is an extension of that commitment. Singh has been involved in education at all levels as a teacher, administrator, advocate, founder, and now parent of two beautiful brown boys, Zephaniah and Zion.

Deanna Singh, is the daughter of a Sikh American man and African American woman. Her husband is African American and German American. Their two children's images reflect all of those beautiful heritages. Installing pride in their color, in a country that is filled with negatives images and messages about their brown skin, is the primary motivation for writing this children's book.

A native of Milwaukee, singh earned her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Fordham university, a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University, and a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin- Madison


the illustrator

Ras Ammar Nsoroma, known as Ammar, was born in Milwaukee and has lived in Milwaukee for most of his life. He graduated from the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, where he painted his first mural as a senior, and then attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design ( MIAD ) as well as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

He has exhibited extensively in both Chicago and Milwaukee and had created over 100 murals in Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Washington DC collectively. 

Ammar is a founding member of African American Artists Beginning to Educate Americans About African American Art ( ABEA ) and is an avid reader. The knowledge he gains through reading is reflected in his drawings, painting, murals, and mixed media pieces.