Strengthen The Bridge

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

--Nelson Mandela

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Multicultural Student affairs and community Engagement

One of the most critical but often overlooked investments we must make for the current and future success of Black men is in our nation's community colleges. This is particularly true for the rust belt cities of the Great Lakes like Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago, Gary and Milwaukee. These cities, unfortunately, house some of the nation's most challenging poverty, segregation, educational disparities, joblessness and incarceration rates. They are also rich in talent, rich in resources, and rich in opportunities.

One of the most important but often hidden jewels in these cities is the local community college.

Community colleges are uniquely situated to serve communities of color and have a deep
and historical commitment to education, employment, and community. Did you know that 44% of all Black undergraduate students in college attend a community college (it’s 56% for all Hispanics).

Community colleges are some of the most diverse institutions in a city and are frequently the quickest path to a job. For example, 91% of MATC students are employed within six months of graduating. Lastly, a community college education is affordable and attainable.

An investment in MATC, the only “majority minority” college in Wisconsin, is a great investment in the present and future success of Black men and our Milwaukee community. From GEDs to Ph.Ds (and everything in between), MATC has the opportunity to educate more Black men per year than any other college in the state. Nearly 22% of MATC’s students are men of color and we educate over 3,000 Black men per year.

At MATC we have rich resources for our students of color including the Multicultural Department and the recently launched Men of Color program. These provide support tools
and resources to help Black men (and Latino, Asian, Native American, etc.) to survive, to thrive and to launch into their future.