A Word With Terrel


terrell BRuMFIELD


Terrell has established himself with a growing construction company offering the potential for him to grow and mature into his future's personal growth and development while securing solid leadership opportunities. 

An astute man, Terrell Brumfield carefully considers his options before making decision; however, once he reaches his conclusion, he is committed to working towards his goal until he achieves completion. 

Like many committed family men, Mr. Brumfield finds much of him motivation in his desire to provide for his nuclear family as well as his posterity. "Being able to build generational wealth is very important to my wife and me. Making sure future generations of Brumfields have significant financial backing to help them get where they want to be in life is important." His faith and his family's commitment to their church help him keep balanced in life. "It helps me put life situations in perspective and remain thankful for the things that really matter, like family and health"


When asked what conditions he would change in Milwaukee, Mr. Brumfield acknowledged that while Milwaukee continues to be a radically segregate city, he believes that building personal relationships with a variety of people is the first step in dismantling some of the stereotypes that can influence one's feelings about an entire group. It may be his optimism and his eternally positive outlook on life that encourages him to take time to get to know people individually; "I think it would be to everyone's benefit if our city was less divided."



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