Community, Unity


Bevan Baker

milwaukee health commissoner

photography: Nathan Harrmann
Words: Bevan baker


As the 16th Health Commissioner in a line dating back to 1867, Mr. Baker serves as the city’s chief advisor on health. As Commissioner, Mr. Baker is responsible for providing leadership and oversight of the agency’s departments in their collective efforts to promote the health and well-being of the people of Milwaukee.

People often ask me for the simple steps that will make out community healthy. They expect me to say eat healthy foods, exercise and visit your doctor. But the most important message is bigger: We build a community of support.

Our individual health is made up of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. And the quality of our lives are affected by how safe, productive, and supported we feel. Our health is about the unity of our community. 

Resources and services within our city are unified around a goal of building a community of healthy men, connect programs and services. At the City of Milwaukee Health Department, our goal is to meet the individual needs of the men we serve. Our Men's Health Centers are one-stop locations for assistance and referrals for health needs, as well as connections to support in housing, employment resources, and more. 

And our Direct Assistance for Dads (DAD) Project is a free, voluntary program for men with children under the age of 1 year to help men achieve personal skills, and build a parenting or co-parenting relationship with the child's mother. 

Being helathy takes a community of support. To build a community of healthy men, we must show our unity by supporting ourselves and the men around us. 


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