Equity In Education

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Larry serves as legal counsel for Northwestern Mutual and represents the mutual life insurance company in connection with acquisitions and dispositions, construction and permanent financing for commercial, industrial and residential real estate developments.

Rufus King graduate and Milwaukee native, Mr. Larry Whitley knows a bit about overcoming obstacles, while exceeding expectations. Never one to shrink from a challenge, Mr. Whitley has lived his life walking in the faith that God has a plan for him, After the tragic passing of his father during his freshman year of college, Mr. Whitley experiences many misjudgments that for some, may have derailed their career trajectory. Instead, for Mr. Whitley, they served as fodder for his ambition. "Time and time again, people have counted me out and over and over again, I keep proving them wrong."

Ever optimistic, Mr. Whitley's achievements are a testament to his desire to solve problems, rather than settle for status quo. "I've overcome so much in my life, and I've come to far to be a cynic. I am a dreamer and tend to surround myself with like-minded individuals."

In Milwaukee, there may be many occasions for Mr. Whitley to put his problem solving talents to use; but the opportunity that is most near and dear to him is equity in education. "The equity of your education and how far you go in life should not be determined by your zip code." However, it was his experience that many of the obstacles that he faced while a youth, should have been easily remedied - and it is his hope that all students, particularly those in the Metro Milwaukee will have access to an appropriate education. 

There have been several professional and personal mentors that have made themselves available to Mr. Whitley as he navigated his academic career and professional calling, but none have had the impact or influence that his mother has. "Without a doubt, my mother  is my biggest role model and inspiration. For the last 24 years, she has dedicated her life to assisting children with special needs... and she doesn't do it for the money, it's literally a calling." 



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