Q & A With Wyman Winston





WHEDA works closely with lenders, developers, local government, nonprofits, community groups and others to implement its low-cost financing programs. Since 1972, WHEDA has financed more than 84,000 affordable rental units, helped more than 122,000 families purchase a home and made more than 29,000 small business and agricultural loan guarantees.

WYMAN WINSTON serves as THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AT WHEDA. he is committed to leveraging WHEDA's resources, including its professional staff of highly motivated individuals, to help communities meet their affordable housing needs while also fostering business growth and job creation in Wisconsin.

FELLAS: What you motivation in work, life and family?

WINSTON: God, confidence, service.

FELLAS: Best describe your personality will you say its a tiger, bear, or lamb?

WINSTON: Owl, see all, hear all. 

FELLAS: If there was one thing you could change about the conditions we fce here in Milwaukee, what would it be?

WINSTON: Fix all neighborhoods

FELLAS: Would you say your glass if half empty or half full?

WINSTON: Half full, more to come! 

FELLAS: How does faith play a role in your life?

WINSTON: I am grounded in my life.

FELLAS: What was the last book you read?

WINSTON: Little Big Man, Thomas Berger

FELLAS: What's your favorite movie?

WINSTON: Star Wars

FELLAS: Who is your role model/mentor? Why?

WINSTON: Robert Woodson because of his life long work to improve African Americans communities!


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