The Advocate


THe advocate

WORDS BY: angie white 


"i am a man who brings everything i am to everything i do"

- ashanti hamilton

ASHANTI HAMILTON WAS BORN TO A 16-YEAR-OLD mother, who is the eldest daughter of a sharecropper. Her father worked on a large farm near batesville, ms, on the same land that his grandfather had worked as a slave. although ashanti was born into a highly segregated part of milwaukee, and came of age during the height of the crack epidemic, he had a community around him that supported him and instilled in him a sense of responsibility, pride and the determination to succeed. 

Black men, young and old, are incredible assets oto our community and to the world. Unfortunately, we, as Black men, have been viewed as the problem.  Our collective condition screams to the inequity and injustice that exist in this country. Ashanti believes that we must all collectively recognize the importance of Black men's participation in our collective success. Although incredible obstacles often impede us from reaching our full potential, our eventual success is undeniable. Ashanti prides himself on being an advocate and builder of the platform upon which future leaders and advocates will continue to stand. 

Ashanti used to believe that perpetual struggle was unique to his community, but he came to realize that struggle is universal, just are difficulty and disappointment. His faith in God has taught him that resilience and success are also universal. He welcomes adversity and meets it with all the preparation and dedication to overcome it. 


Being a father is the most important responsibility a man can be blessed with. His experiences as a father have taught him more than all of his formal education. While each child has their own individual gifts, talents, and personalities, there is a common need to be loved, nurtured, and protected. 

Today, Ashanti sees himself as a public servant and stands tall as a father, husband, brother, teacher, attorney and city leader. He is always looking for an opportunity to improve the lives of the people around him. Because so many people have invested their time, wisdom and energy into him, he feels that it is his obligation to pay it forward.