fellas 100


It all started when...

FELLAS 100 Group ( F1-Group ) provide valuable member benefits while continually striving to strenghthen and develop individual and corporate business needs. By partnering with local businesses and young community leaders, F1-Group is able to provide a wealth of resources to its members. 


FELLAS Lifestyle Membership Card 

We are embarking on a new era of empowerment and community involvement. The FELLAS Lifestyle 100 Membership card is designed to help drive additional revenue for area businesses and help build identity. Our goal is to increase sales and develop a new level of conscious spending amongst consumers. Supporting small and medium size businesses has always been paramount for a thriving and growing community. In the spirit of entrepreneurship and business development we are pleased to offer our membership card. 


Receive free copies of FELLAS Lifestyle MAgazines and discounts on FELLAS APPAREL 

Receive discounts on FELLAS Lifestyle Events, workshops and exclusive members only events

Receive discounts on daily purchases on entertainment, dining, grooming, home improvement, banking with our participating merchants.