It's Better to Give Than Receive

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Emotional Connection

Perhaps mental health effects go beyond the feelings of happiness you experience when
you know loved ones are enjoying their presents for the holidays.

Giving to family and friends [especially those in need] at any time, especially during the holiday season, affects mental health in an extremely positive way. When you give it fills
one's soul with a satisfied, warm feeling like after sipping a warm cup of hot tea. It is a calm, quiet good feeling deep inside.

Besides supporting others through the act of giving, it can change how you feel about yourself. How we treat others directly targets the core of one's self-esteem. It is the best way to feel good about ourselves. And the secondary gain is that when we take the focus off of ourselves good things come back tenfold. Giving to others has other profound mental health effects.

It’s more than just feeling good; it’s actually good for you. Research shows that giving
affects the same part of the brain that is stimulated by sex, money, and drugs. Stress can be relieved through giving to others as well.

Giving makes you feel less stressed, which will allow you to communicate more effectively, able to prioritize better and just see things in a much clearer way, “Being mentally healthy helps you stay physically healthy, too.” Plus, you can give in so many ways it’s not just about money. You can donate your time to a worthy cause. In addition, knowing that you’re giving and not so focused on receiving can make you feel better.

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