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When do you think of heading to your doctor? If you’re like most men, it’s only when something is wrong – when you don’t feel well, you’ve suffered an injury, or you’re facing a health emergency.

On a daily basis, health is often invisible in our lives. At the City of Milwaukee Health Department, our work is often invisible. When public health is effective, the food you purchase at a grocery store or order at a restaurant is safe to eat. Communicable diseases are investigated and the diseases you hear about on TV are planned for so that if we see an outbreak in our community, the response can be immediate. We are in homes and in our community every day working to be sure that good health is possible for everyone.

But good health should be visible. We should see it in our daily lives. To start on your way toward your health goals, two important programs are here to help.

Men’s Health Program:

Protecting and promoting good health. The City of Milwaukee Health Department Men’s Health Centers are one-stop locations for assistance and referrals for health needs, such as blood pressure screening and health check-ups, but also assistance and referrals for housing, employment resources and more.

DAD Project:

Supporting fathers and children with more involved fathers have improved school achievement, experience fewer behavioral problems, and more. If you are interested in gaining skills and tools that can help you achieve your personal goals, strengthen your parenting skills, and build co-parenting relationships, the Direct Assistance for Dads (DAD) Project is a free, voluntary program for men who are expecting a baby or have a child
under 12 months of age.

To give of yourself, you need to be at your best – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Take good care of each. Just as health officials don’t wait until an outbreak of disease occurs to plan how we will protect the community, plan how you can be at your best health today.

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