Changing Your Habits to Become Healthier


Leonard wilson

fitness expert 

photography: studio one
words: fellas staff


FELLAS: How do you define your passion?

Wilson: My passion is fitness and great health. My passion drives me each and every day. When I wake up my first prayer is of gratitude to be able to be functioning and living and breathing and to be a positive example for others. To help change and save the lives of as many people as possible through fitness and great health. 

FELLAS: Why is fitness important to you?

Wilson: Fitness is what allows me to enjoy life and to be functional. I can enjoy my grandsons at the park. We can run play basketball, football and play catch without complaining about aches and pain. I can enjoy my woman, going on dates and traveling and such. I don't have to take any medications for anything! 

FELLAS: How does fitness play a role in a black mans life an development? 

Wilson: According to the publication, "About Health," United States, 2016, 40% of black men die prematurely from cardiovascular disease as compared to 21% of white men, 44% of black men are consider overweight and 24% are obese. Black men in the United States suffer worse health than any other racial group in America. For example, as a group, black men have the lowest life expectancy and the highest death rate compared to both men and women of other racial ethnic groups. 

Racial discrimination, high rates of incarceration , unemployment, a lack of affordable health services , poor health education cultural barriers, poverty, access to health insurance, and ins insufficient medical and social services gathering to black men all negatively affect quality of life and health for Black men. With all of this information, it is with great urgency that every black man get physically fit. By taking care of your health, you will live longer. Fitness helps deal with stress. Eating more nutritious meals will slim your weight down. I say this all of the time, exercise, nutrition, and the right mind set will help you to reach your goal!

FELLAS: What three things do you want to accomplish doing your work?

Wilson: I want to educate, to motivate and inspire all clients to understand the importance of the "PROCESS" of a healthier lifestyle. I aspire to provide quality services to all my clients and to be a process trainer in the areas of: exercise, nutrition and the right mindset. 

FELLAS: What are three simple tips leading to better health?

Wilson: Exercise- DO IT! It does not matter where you start, just start! Nutrition - You are what you eat! Choose what you eat wisely! Right mindset - Have discipline and find your why. Make this reason the reason you work hard. If it was easy everyone would be doing it! You can do it!