FELLAS Lifestyle is an independent print publication and online platform for men of color in the Greater Milwaukee area.  

We know men of color experience different, but no less serious health, social economic, political, business and employment issues within our communities. We've made it our responsibility to inform, encourage and strengthen our FELLAS by introducing healthier lifestyle concepts, provide valuable resources and host premiere events that inspire collaboration and camaraderie.   

Through our storytelling editorial approach, we are able to highlight executives, small business owners and unknown community heroes who are committed to advancing the community as a whole.  

FELLAS serves as an engagement tool that connects key community partners and assists in creating solutions to bridge the needs-gap that exists within our community. 




Matthew Johnson is currently the president and ceo of Johnson Media Consulting llc, publisher of fellas lifestyle magazine and executive director of SMI (Sports media institute). Matthew's focus is to utilize his media and publishing expertise while creating lucrative OPPORTUNITIES for businesses. 

Before his media and publishing journey, he worked in corporate America for a total of nine years with two fortune 500 companies. As a top salesman, he learned strong marketing and business skills to utilize his analytical abilities. After graduating with an industrial engineering degree from Northern Michigan University, he returned to Milwaukee to be near his family and begin taking action toward his goal of financial freedom. 

Matthew entered the world of real estate, segmentation marketing, and entertainment to build wealth. Soon, however, he realized that his endeavours should be helping the community and planned to bring traditionally African-American Broadway musicals to Milwaukee, renewing the community's former diversity of theater arts. While working as a District Manager,  he became aware of the large number of young people loitering in the streets with nothing to do.

It was this revelation that helped shape the foundation on which he would eventually launch Strive Media Institute [created inside Marquette University’s School of Communication], a national media and information bureau, staffed and run by young people to foster diversity through mass communications. 

Under Matthew's leadership, Strive Media Institute produced two Emmy Award Winning Teen television shows- Teen Forum and Gumbo TV. He also published Gumbo Magazine and Ya’Heard Magazine. These initiatives gained Matthew an International Award making him an Ashoka Fellow for life. 

He has a love and passion for his community and continuously seeks ways to give back, and inspire while articulating the needs for men and women to improve, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For the past twenty-six years the business of media & entertainment has been in the forefront of Matthew Johnson’s life. 





FELLAS Lifestyle is dedicated to the life of Mr. Rayfield Johnson Jr., father of publisher Matthew Johnson. 

The U.S. Navy Veteran and car enthusiast from Mississippi loved his wife of 63 years, and together they raised eight children, each of which, graduated from college and many hold several advanced degrees. 

As a husband and father, Mr. Johnson laid a firm foundation of discipline, stability, responsibility, and commitment for his family. Not only was Mr. Johnson a God-fearing man, but her believed that " what you get out of life is what you put in it."

His spirit and determination serves as an example standard for measuring the true essence of a FELLA.