Palmer's Cocoa Butter on Grooming

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Before we talk about what to use on the outside of your beard. I like to state that it is more important what you put inside your body. The reason you have a patchy beard, slow beard growth, hair loss, gray beard, dry skin, is due to your body not having the right vitamins it needs to function at 100%.

Here are some of the vitamins that you can take to help your body’s hair production motor.

Vitamin E - This is the crucial vitamin that helps the hair follicles stay alive and actively growing. Oils, beans, leafy vegetables, nuts, and more.

Vitamin B3 - Vitamin B3 which has Niacin is helpful in promoting proper circulation within hair follicles. This would also help improve the growth of mustache and beards. You can discover

Vitamin B3 in hamburger, chicken, fish, and wheat germ.
Vitamin A - probably one of the most important vitamins you should be in taking daily if you want a fuller facial.
B Vitamin B5 - Helps to lessen stress; and stress can unquestionably inhibit hair growth. You can find vitamin b5 in avocado, duck, milk, lobster, entire grain breads, egg yolks, broccoli, and liver.


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