American Dream of Home Ownership



photography: studio one 
Words By: fellas staff

Milwaukee native, My. Illiya Blakely, finds joy in his position as a Community Relations Act Mortgage Banker. It affords him to work directly with the community members that he's most interested in supporting: "blue-collar people who work in our industry and factory jobs. These folks are the ones who I put the extra work in for." 

A man who is consumed with helping his family, his friends, and his community, Mr. Blakely often weighs his options by how the outcome will impact those that mean so much to him. "I'm always thinking how would my father perceive this, or how would my mother feel about me making this decision?"

I'm motivated to continue to serve in whatever capacity I can to make my parents proud of who I've become." Additionally, Mr. Blakely's faith directs his path, as he believes that all people have a divine purpose to serve both God and fellow man. He declares that if more people took this service tenet to heart, we may be able to co-exist in a much different manner. 

An avid reader, Mr. Blakely supports his habit by simultaneously reading at least two books (sometimes three)  at any given time. "I always try to support all local authors. The last book I read was "One Love", written by a friend of mine. Reading is my preferred method or entertainment." "It teaches us how to use our imagination, and as we grow older, we tend to forget how transforming a good book can be."