The World Is Watchin'



photography: studio one
words by: FELLAS Staff

FELLAS: What's your motivation in work, life and family?

D: I am motivated by the things I don't want in my life. When I graduated high school, there were two things that I knew I didn't want to do: 1. Go to college ( I didn't like high school) 2. Sell Drugs ( I have never seen a successful dealer).  I am motivated because I don't want to ever fail myself, my children and others motivated by me. I'm motivated to show my peers that God made us perfect at birth and all we have to do is tap in. 

FELLAS: What best describes your personality? Will you say it's tier, bear or lamb? Explain.

D: I have a personality like a bear. Its a big personality that can sometimes be underestimated. I'm not overly aggressive unless doubted or the situation calls for it, I'm generally open to most and very observant of my surroundings. 

FELLAS: If there was one thing you could change about the conditions we face here in Milwaukee, what would it be?

D: I remember growing up and thinking that traveling and going after what I wanted wasn't for me because I lived here. I thought that big things only happen for people who live in big cities where the opportunities were. It wasn't until I started traveling and seeing "successful" people that I understood that they were no different than me. Although you grow up hearing "be all you can be" and "anything is possible" and "you can be whatever you want it life". Those things never felt real for me until I took the leap.  I am glad I figured out that I don't have to be a product in an environment and that product is valuable no matter where I am. 

FELLAS: If your glass half full or half empty? 

D: My glass is half full because I'm not done pouring into the world! The world is watching! 

FELLAS: How does faith play a role in your life?

D: My faith is VERY STRONG! I am an extremist so I feel like God's law is real and I don't question it. I just do it! In whatever religion it says "ask and it shall be given," so I ask, ask, ask and he has always given. As long as I do my part, it has never failed me. I watch some people ask God to order their steps but they are unwilling to move their feet and that's why their prayers go unanswered. They need to either pray or worry, but don't do both. 

FELLAS: Whats the last book you read? 

D: The one I'm writing "The Ultimate Me" and Damon John's "The Power of Broke"

FELLAS: Who is your role model/mentor? Why?

D: My model/mentor would be my best friend, Malcom McCrae. He was in tuned with life and himself at a young age. He helped me put focus on myself and my abilities.  He exposed me to the possibilities of life by letting me see things out of Milwaukee and kept me encouraged through all my situations. 

I watch as he navigates around distractions and stays focused on his dream, which makes me do the same. He's never top prideful to learn from anyone and he tapes into the wisdom of elders and ancestors to guide him through life. He gave me a new meaning of success, which before I thought was money, houses and cars. 

Now I know success to be true freedom, as long as I'm living my life on my terms and inline with God, I'm successful. The rest is extra.I use a lot of people as a model/mentor as well. I think I can learn from everyone. There is success in most people and I tap into their greatness and learn from them most times without them knowing.