Be Motivated


photography: studio one
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Being a lover of solitude doesn't necessarily indicate a lack of interest in people, but it certainly reveals a thoughtful and introspective person- the type of person that looks at his community and contemplates how to remedy a bit of what ails it. 

We've all heard the saying, "they don't know what they don't know" but when exploring the ideas of limited experience and reminds us that, sadly, what they know is what they know, and often times they think that's all there is to know." Exposure generates enhancement. Sometimes, all people need to know is there's simply more." Mr Washington would like to see that change, and see more members of Milwaukee's inner city experience the "more"!

The name Gregory means watchman. And while a calm presence, Mr. Washington is a self-described watchman and protector of those he loves. While he doesn't look for conflict, he is comfortable in his role as the protector of his family. A man of faith, Mr. Washington explains that his faith is the foundation that has allowed him to be where he is today and its the very thing that continues to catapult him into the future. 

Mr. Washington averts mediocrity and it thrilled to accept and walk in his divine mandate.  He believes that God has placed him here for a specific purpose and at this specific purpose and at this specific time. That alone is motivation enough to keep him working hard on a daily basis.