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Most people associate the phrase, "glass half-full" as a testament to their optimism, however Mr. Roniel Sylvester likes to see the glass half-empty as an example of the opportunity for him to increase his portion- particularly his portion of knowledge! 

His unique perspective is a testament to his appreciation for education and personal growth. From his grandfather, Mr. Sylvester learned the significance of sacrifice and importance of helping others. Motivated by the fundamental desire to leave people in a better position that when he met them, Mr. Sylvester strives to make a positive difference in lives in his community members. Leaving a legacy here is Milwaukee is imperative, and he wants to leave his family.

Mr. Sylvester would love to see his Milwaukee neighbors embrace change and have faith in each other while exploring new ways of doing things. A proponent of the old adage that states, if you always do what you've always done, you will always get that you've always got. He thinks that we can accomplish great things if we find he courage to try new things. "So much could be changes if we started there (mindset)."

As a man of faith, Mr. Sylvester still clings to the parental instructions of his youth, and relies heavily on this faith in his. "So many things come up against you in life; if you don't trust and believe in our Father, you are doomed."


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