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Many churches and people of faith practice "couch Christianity." Couch Christians are those who are educated beyond their level of obedience. Some churches have become like seminaries and cemeteries; places where theory and information are discussed but there is no real age in the world. 

The first thing we could do is measure the pain in our city. Numbers matter to God and they should matter to us too. There are 7 billion people on planet earth and I believe that Jesus loves every one of them. There are nearly 600,000 people in Milwaukee. There were 145 homicides in 2016 ( as of this article ). 79% of the victims were Black; 83% were males; 81% were shot and 60% remain as unsolved crimes. Numbers matter because they help us measure the pain in our city and they reveal an opportunity to make a difference. 

After we measure, we need to go and ask people several questions - "how can I pray for you?" and "how can I help you?" Couch Christians are guilty of sitting down on their "Do Nothings" and assuming they know the solutions to people pain. They are often heard shouting from a distance "you need a job or you need to get saved". Next, they start programs that no one asked for. STOP IT! We need to ask them, "what do you need?"

Then, finally we should do something that demonstrates unconditional love. Everybody can do something. At any given time 6,000 children are in foster care in Wisconsin and every month average, 100 children are removed from their homes because they are not safe.

Do something. Invest your time, talent, and treasure into making positive change wherever your passion meets the pain.