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Today’s lesson is that generous giving is the key to everything. Giving is a multiplier of good. When we give, it enriches us; it blesses others and causes them to give thanks to God. We never lose by investing in others. Jesus said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Pastors are often accused (and sometimes guilty) of screaming about tithes and offerings.

The reality is that most people in America are so deeply in debt they cannot give generously
and they have not learned proper money management. Pastors and churches could teach more about money management. Good teachers ask open-ended questions that lead the student to self-discovery. A checkbook, a calendar, and the Bible are all theological documents.  Each shows who and what we worship and where our priorities in life are. May they show that God is the most important person in our life.

Question One: “Who is the boss?” The right answer should be - “Jesus is Lord of everything.” Stewardship begins with Lordship. Jesus taught that we cannot serve two masters, God, and money. God owns everything, including us.

Question Two: “Where is your treasure?” Jesus said, “where your treasure is your heart we be also.” People are more valuable than anything we possess. This is proven by the fact that when we die, the only thing we can take with us into eternity are people. So, let’s learn to prioritize people, embrace a lifestyle of wise money management, and use the money to serve God’s good plan.

Question Three: “Who are you investing in?” Each one of us has been uniquely gifted by
God with time, talent, and treasures. We must use them wisely and generously. If you eat at
a restaurant, generously tip the server. Generously give encouraging words to youth and time in your church/organization.