Time: A Real Commodity

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Edward Jones Financial Advisor

When I reflect back to growing up I can always remember countless times where my mother and father gave of their time, talent, and treasure. Giving in its simplest and basic terms is reaching out and helping meet the needs of those
that are around us.


The why I give is also rooted in the actions of my mother. She was one who would respond to the needs of others whether she knew them or not. What was striking for me is that she would give things that were some of her best treasures instead of giving those things that had been used and worn out their usefulness. I realized that the origins of why I give and how are rooted in the traditions of my parents. I give in multiple ways; time, talent and

The Community Investment Network (CIN) helped me to see my giving in those buckets. Often I would discount the giving of my time and talent and only count the financial treasure that I gave. I give financially to those causes I believe lift up young people, lift up the dignity and humanness of people and that engage locally. While I would love to just kick back and relax my upbringing has ingrained in me the responsibility to give back instead.

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